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Our Solution Partners

In SABO the main field of activity is the design, construction and start up of turnkey plants for the production of bricks and roof tiles. SABO focuses on all the machinery from the cutting of the wet products up to final packaging, dryers and kilns.

SABO also provides automation and palletizing systems to general industry. As of 2022, SABO has a market share of 90% in modern investments of Turkish heavy clay industy.


ABECE, located in Sweden, is the leading company of concrete roof tile plants.


ABECE provide all kinds of services from installing an entire concrete roof tile plant, new machinery to support and machinery spare parts. With over 60 years of experience we have developed solutions for all customer demands, from low-speed manual production to fully automatic multi-profile plants.


All over the world the name LAEIS stands for trendsetting and innovative pressing technology. With special developments for shaping of pressed material in all areas of the refractory, ceramic and building materials industries Laeis offers an internationally unique wide range of presses.

Verdes, located in Spain, is the world famous producer of heavy clay preparation machines.


During more than 100 years, Verdés has designed and manufactured equipment for preparation and shaping of clay. Thousands of machines have been supplied across the five continents.


WELB offers machinery, plants and services in the field of processing free-flowing materials.

Main application areas include refractory, concrete, dry mortar, plasters, building materials and ceramics.




Teka mikser foto.png

A trademark of Refratechik group, Burton is the leading provider of kiln refractories and kiln car furnitures.

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TEKA, a German mixer producer, is one of leading companies for mixers applications.

De Boer is the leading supplier of soft mud solutions with 85 years of experience in the field.

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CoaTIB is one of most experienced suppliers of concrete rooftile paints. 

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TEA is the leading company for automatic water regulation systems in heavy clay industry.


SABO Filiere, a subsidy of SABO Group, is an important supplier of high quality brick production dies.

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stafier palet.jpeg

Stafier, brick and rooftile dryer pallet expert from the Netherlands. High quality brick and rooftile production needs high quality pallets.

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