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Concrete Roof Tile Plants


ABECE, located in Sweden, is the leading company of concrete roof tile plants.


ABECE provide all kinds of services from installing an entire concrete roof tile plant, new machinery to support and machinery spare parts. With over 60 years of experience we have developed solutions for all customer demands, from low-speed manual production to fully automatic multi-profile plants.

Concrete Roof Tile

After 150 years in production, concrete roof tiles are a very popular product constantly expanding. Consumers, architects and builders realise that concrete roof tiles make unusually attractive roofs to a reasonable price all over the world. 

Advantages with concrete roof tiles


  • Cosmetic and design- different shapes and colours

  • The price is competitive

  • Environmentally friendly- low energy manufacturing

  • Tiles on the roof can be safely walked on

  • Weight- remains the same , even after a heavy rain

  • Tightness- also down to a low pitch

  • Very long lifetime and durability of the roof

Extruder and Production line

Our well proven unique extrusion machines are designed to avoid wear to the underside of the pallets. They are also equipped with a bull nose knife as a standard feature. The machine range covers the production capacity from 200 to 65.000 tiles per shift.


The packaging systems range is very extensive and adapted to various applications and production capacities.

The main features for the configuration of a packer are:


  • Wooden pallet or pallet less
  • Strapping of small packs
  • Strapping of large sticks
  • Spin wrapping of large sticks on wooden pallets
  • Shrink wrapping of large sticks or shrink hood on the entire pallet load
  • Large sticks resting on long side or on nail hole end


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