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Heavy Clay Brick and Roof Tile Plants


Our company has been active in Turkish heavy clay industry since 1948 and most of the modern brick and rooftile factories are our customers.


Our product portfolio covers complete line of heavy clay machines: Preparation and shaping, cutters, dryers, kilns and any kind of automation systems.

Preparation and Shaping

Preparation and shaping lines play an critical role in brick and roof tile factories. Verdes, located in Spain, is the world famous producer of heavy clay preparation machines.


During more than 100 years, Verdés has designed and manufactured equipment for preparation and shaping of clay. Thousands of machines have been supplied across the five continents.

Loading/Unloading Systems

The cost of labor and problems related to labor issues are on a increasing trend in Turkey. As a result of this trend, Turkish heavy clay industry is investing for robotic automation systems.


Since 2008, our company has sold 29 roboters in Turkey and the need for such automation systems will increase due to the demand of the market for palletized products. 

Kilns and Dryers

SABO offers several solutions about dryers and kilns.


Tunnel, rapid and rapid tunnel dryers can be chosen depending on the clay characteristics. 


SABO tunnel kilns provide the most modern technology in the sector with proven results in Turkey.

Tunnel Kiln Refractory Solutions

Refractories are the most critical part of traditional tunnel kilns and Burton is the leading company of tunnel kiln refractory solutions.


The product range of Burton includes wall, ceiling and kiln car refractories.

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Automatic water regulation systems

One of the most critical aspects of clay preparation is adjusting the humidity of raw material in a precise way. 

TEA is the company to go with it, when it comes to humidity control.


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