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ABECE robot

Efficiency and high capacity

through technology



Our 70th anniversary catalog:

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Recent projects

Kümaş - Laeis

January 2021


HPF V 2500 ton refractory press


Haznedar - Laeis

January 2020


3 x HPF 1600 refractory presses


Dev Blok - Verdes

January 2020


Fully automatic reclaimer system

Doğuş - SABO S.A.

June 2019


700 ton/day capacity complete brick factory


Gürdağ - SABO S.A.

June 2018


Dryer and kiln modernisation

Kilsan - ABECE

January 2017


70 tiles/minute complete concrete roof tile plant


Kilsan - SABO S.A. Packaging Project

December 2016


2.100 ton/day capacity packaging line with 12 roboters.


Delta - SABO S.A.

December 2016


450 ton/day complete automation project: Dryer loading/unloading & setting & packaging


Yuksel Tugla SABO S.A.

Packaging Project

November 2016


450 ton/day capacity packaging line


Yurtbay - SABO S.A.

April 2016


450 ton/day capacity dryer, setting machine, packaging line & kiln modernisation project

İpek Tuğla - SABO S.A.

September 2015


Ipek Tugla is the most modern brick plant in Turkey with a 700 ton/day capacity.



Hatipoglu - ABECE

September 2015


70 tiles/minute fully automated concrete roof tile plant.


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